Weaving the Bamboo Buddha Statue in SSBU


As seeing in the pictures, this is the Bamboo Buddha Statue, which is founding in Shan State Buddhist University, Taunggyi, Shan State, Myanmar.

This counts the 100th that has been weaving by a Shan Artist: Ven. Jao Bu Onn Seng Vimalabuddhi and his teamwork. The statue has also been weaving over 3 months so far. It began weaving in the mid July 2016. Not yet finished and it still needs to take some more times in case to be done smoothly. To cast the image, among the type of bamboo trees, it’s naturally making by the selected bamboo, not by iron, metal or bronze.

The posture is sitting and symbolizes the teaching to five disciples, his hands in the gesture of vitakka (mudra), which specific meaning attitude of instruction. It’s 5.5 meters high and 3 meters width. In reality, it takes months to make a single of statue. Not everyone has technique skills to weave the bamboo to be the statue of the Buddha, like this. It actually looks simpler but harder than practical of melting any of iron or metal to cast the Buddha statue.

(My opinion): however, it is one of the greatest Shan Artists of our times. I’m amazing when I first heard about this history. Normally, I have always been heard that the statue of the Buddha was melting by iron or metal to cast the image but not weaving by the bamboo.

Each day, continuously people from around Taunggyi province and some other parts in Shan State are coming and paying homage to the statue. Some of them are helping by splitting and rubbing the bamboo canes. It’s because of the natural handmade and being very new to them.


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