Oxford Buddha Vihara New Meditation Center UK

The Oxford Buddha Vihara successfully purchased Park Farm on 17th July 2018 with the intention of eventually providing a facility for Buddhist Meditation Masters from all over the world to come and teach the different methods that are being practised all over the world in Buddhist communities. The project started about two years ago under the leadership of the Most Venerable Dr Khammai Dhammasami (Oxford Sayadaw).

In the photos, Venerable Ajahn Dr Seng Pannyawamsa received and shown the Venerable visiter monks around the new centre.

Address: Park Farm, Park Lane, St. Briavels, Lydney, Gloucester GL15 6QX

The ceremony performed by;
1. Ven. Phramaha Wisanu Katapunno Wat Buddharam.
2. Ven. Phrakhru Sutaputhivithes Abbot of Wat Buddharam London.
3. Ven. Phrakhru Udom Dhammavithes (Saccavaro) Uttamayanmuni Buddhist Temple, Singapore.
4. Ven. Phra Jetsada Samabhito Wat Krangrajadon, Thailand.
5. Ven. Dr Seng Pannawamsa OBV.
6. Ven. PhramahaSena Suraseno OBV.
7. Ven. Phramaha Sangfa , Wat Buddharam London.