OBV Abbot Assistant, Ven. Mahasena & Matthew Letten were giving Qs & As about Buddhism at St. Anne’s School


On October 3rd 2016, the OBV Abbot Assistant, Venerable Mahasena and Matthew Letten were invited to talk to the students at St. Anne’s School, the only school in Alderney (one of the Channel Islands). In the morning the Venerable talked to all the students during assembly and then spent the whole day visiting the various classes, from Year 1 to Year 11 (the school includes both primary and secondary aged students). In each class he shared a little about Buddhism and meditation, and answered many excellent questions, including what are the benefits of meditation and whether he eats jam at the monastery. Everyone was very happy to be able to meet a Buddhist monk and find out about Buddhism, meditation and the life of a Buddhist monk. Many children were very happy to experience a little calm and peace through Venerable Mahasena’s meditation instruction and said they would do some at home and encourage their parents too.Alderney is a wonderfully peaceful and safe place filled with warm hearted and welcoming people. Our thanks to the staff and pupils of Saint Anne’s School.

### credited to Buddhavihara Oxford Obv’s facebook.


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