Mr. Jacques Huynen visiting SSBU library


Dated 18 October 2016, Mr. Jacques Huynen, PhD candidate, (He is working on his thesis) visited SSBU library and looked for the books he wanted to read, especially Theravada Buddhism. In Myanmar, he was looking for English books that written by the world famous scholars but couldn’t get it unless he visited to SSBU library. He finally came to get it in SSBU library, he said.

He was also surprised to see our books that have been accessed in ELIB and well catalogues. He commented that in future this library would surely be the best one in Myanmar. Now, even if it was a temporary, it’s already the best one, he again said.

What’s more, in our conversation, he told me that English language is international for every one included Buddhist monks. Nowadays, English books that written about Buddhism are much more then local languages. It is integration for all Buddhists in the world.

He also read a book, which was marking the 50th birthday of Ven. Prof. Dr. K. Dhammasami (founder of SSBU): An appreciation. He did wanted to have this book but as we had no more extra one, we couldn’t present him. Anyway, with many thanks for his visit and commenting. Hope he will be accomplished his PhD so soon!

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