Having seen and witnessed Buddhist universities and Buddhist studies worldwide, I want SSBU to combine the best what Myanmar Buddhist studies and some top western universities can offer. In Myanmar, the textual study at the Thamane-kyaw and Dhammacariya levels is a treasure of wisdom. At Oxford and Cambridge, a tutorial system is the norm; this requires students to write essay for every topic in each subject he studies. Harvard University stresses a comprehension exercise at the graduate level where students are given work to digest and summarize on a weekly basis. At all those top western universities, students have to learn how to use library, search for information on their own, produce a weekly essay after which they meet the teacher for discussion.


A good philological approach at a university level requires a sound knowledge of the Pali and English language as well as of the Pali Tipitaka. And SSBU will ensure that the highest possible standard is maintained both by the teachers and students, individually and collectively.


In summary, three components from the top western universities stand out: (1) the low student-teacher ratio i.e one teacher to four or five students, (2) the absolute integration of library in the teaching system i.e students who do not use library cannot write an essay, not to mention pass exams and (3) a good library which is updated all the time. This system is what SSBU aims at adopting in order to serve Buddhasasana through a Buddhist university.


In addition, some meditation facilities should also be part of SSBU. Today, in the West, scientists are using Buddhist mindfulness meditation to advance neurology and clinical psychology. As a Buddhist university, we should have some contribution in those developments.